New Zealand’s diverse university system students to pursue just about any area of interest imaginable while studying abroad in New Zealand.

There are eight universities spread out across the country that each offer several different courses of study. Head to the South Island to find the University of Otago, New Zealand’s first university and one of the world’s most southern universities, or travel to Christchurch for the University of Canterbury. On the North Island in the city of Palmerston North, where students can study at Massey University, which holds the nation’s largest business college. Or head to Auckland for the University of Auckland, the country’s largest university with almost 40,000 students.

Accessibility to the country’s many wildlife areas make studying environmental management, biology, forestry, and other outdoor-related fields particularly interesting. No matter where you study abroad in New Zealand, a class in Maori history is highly recommended, to learn more about the country’s indigenous people.

New Zealand’s universities generally run on a semester system with the first semester taking place from February to June and the second semester from July to November. Some schools also offer study abroad courses during the summer, but these generally have more limited options, from early November to early February. This schedule does add a small challenge for students from the northern hemisphere who want to study abroad in New Zealand, but in most cases, it’s possible to ensure dates line up without needing to miss more than one semester or quarter at your home university.

Generally, students will take three to four courses (sometimes referred to as “papers”) to make up an average course load while studying in New Zealand. Internships opportunities are available through universities in New Zealand, in combination with coursework as well. Final exams often take place over two or three weeks, which allows study abroad students ample free time to explore the country in between their studies. Mid-semester breaks are observed during both the first and second semester, which are great for traveling to other parts of the islands during study abroad in New Zealand.

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