For a country which has had such a vast historical impact, England is actually very small—about half the size of California. Settled over the southern region of the island of Great Britain off the west coast of Europe, you can drive all the way across-country in a matter of hours.

As you might suspect, London is perennially the most popular destination where to study abroad in England. The country’s capital and largest city is regarded, along with New York across the Atlantic, as being one of the two leading global cities on earth.

Smaller cities where many foreign students also choose to study abroad in England include Manchester, Birmingham, and York. As opposed to the global-orientation of London, these cities remain more distinctly British in their local culture, which can be an enriching experience for anyone interest in the English way of life.

Other smaller college towns, such as Oxford or Cambridge, also welcome thousands of college students into their ranks every year. The best location where to study abroad in England may come down to the quality of a subject-specific academic program that you are interested in, so research widely while making your decision!

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