Dude, I totally just evolved my 254 CP Ponyta that I caught with a Great Ball, into a 578 CP Rapidash! Oh and I got a free egg and lure from this Pokestop…I’m on a ROLL!

Yup, you read right. Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm, so it’s no surprise that hundreds of students are canceling their fall study abroad plans to instead stay home and catch more Pokemon.

Pikachu stuffed animals
Gotta catch ‘em all.

You want to be the very best like no one ever was, you say? Well, that will never happen if you put down the pokeball, travel, open your eyes and mind to the wonders of the world, and gain the experience of a lifetime by studying abroad. You can essentially have equivalent experiences through the wonders of the Pokemon Go app, for free, might we add, which is why we’re telling you to forego studying abroad to stay home and play Pokemon instead, if that is what you truly want for yourself.

How can Pokemon Go possibly mimic the experience of study abroad?

You’ll Gain More Real World Experience

Pokemon isn’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle. Players now have the ability to catch Pokemon in real life. You could literally walk across the street, and out of nowhere, BOOM, a wild Eevee appears at the bus stop. You could be on a date with the girl you’ve been waiting to ask out for months, but then BAM, you know you have to pull a Team Rocket and blast on out of there, leaving her at the restaurant because a Charmander just appeared right across the street and you gotta catch ‘em all. #Srrynotsrry

Playing Pokemon Go is the greatest, most beneficial, and most raw experience you could ever have, at home.

Person playing with smart phone
Capture the excitement of travel by keeping your nose in your phone.

You Can Master a More Useful Language

Thinking of studying abroad in Spain to perfect your Espanol and boost your resume? EEEEEERNNNT! Wrong choice. Why spend six or more months studying a world language multiple hours a day when you could be spending half as much time mastering the language of the Poke World?

Prestigious employers like Apple, Amazon, and Google have recently released an official press statement about hiring new employees with fluency in gamer languages. Not only will you gain real world experience from playing, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your new bilingualism on your resume, and possibly land a high-paying dream job.

You Can Still Explore New Places You’ve Never Been Before

The best gift Pokemon Go has to offer is the gift of opportunity. It allows you to get outside and explore the city you currently live in. There’s no point in traveling across the globe when you haven’t even fully explored every nook and cranny of your own city or neighborhood.

That pizzeria that just opened, that law firm on the 21st floor of that random building a few streets down, the dumpsters behind the McDonald’s across the street, are all culturally enriching hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

With Pokemon Go, you’ll stumble upon landmarks you never even knew existed if it wasn’t for that Squirtle on a pile of abandoned clothes in the Wal-mart parking lot. Getting to know your hometown in a new way is WAY cooler than visiting some tower named Eiffel or a wall you were told is “great” (but, is it really?).

Map for pokemon go
It involves maps, so it’s basically travel.

You’ll Gain Friendships That Will Last Forever

People who travel abroad make friendships and bonds that never break. But gosh, that’s a LOT of work. We’ve got a better idea. Pokemon Go enables you to have those special types of friendships, but eevee better. You see, there’s no other game out there that makes its players physically get off the couch and wander around catching Pokemon while possibly meeting other fellow Poketrainers. A strong foundation for bestie-hood? We think so.

You’ll also get to connect with your old friends in a new way. Pokemon Go out on the town together! Nothing makes your happy hour happier than catching the Pidgey on your best friend’s face (True story).

You’ll Feel Crazy Inspired

There’s really nothing more inspiring than stumbling upon another Poketrainer headed the same direction on a mission to catch the same Snorlax.

It’s the moment when your footsteps are directly in sync with each other. It’s the moment when you finally look up from your phone screen and make eye contact that just screams, “Oh my gosh, you’re also trying to catch this darn Snorlax?! I’ve been walking for at least four blocks trying to find this thing!” It’s the moment when you both suddenly stop dead in your tracks to start throwing Great Balls with your fingers because let’s be honest, a simple Pokeball ain’t gonna catch nothin’ good.

It’s all of those precious moments combined that create unparalleled feelings of fulfillment and inspiration; you know it’s your destiny.

Boy and girl playing pokemon go
Look how happy they are. Would they have found this joy abroad? No.

Don’t Waste Your Time & Money

Why invest in a transformative, powerful learning experience in another country when you can walk around sketchy abandoned lots and neighborhood parks right at home instead? Why spend the capital to study abroad in England? To be a Hufflepuff? NO, nerd. Wouldn’t you rather stay home and catch a jigglypuff?

Join the hundreds of other students shirking their global citizenship responsibilities and do the world a favor: explore, make everlasting friendships, and only eat Americanized versions of ethnic foods. Just download Pokemon Go.

BUT, if you’ve already caught them all, or don’t care about the difference between a ratata-whatever and a zubat, we’d actually like to encourage you to go out there and actually SEE. THE. WORLD. Study, intern, volunteer, or teach abroad. These are the best ways to show those Pokemon the power that’s inside of you!

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