Hold tight, dear friends; we’re about to take a journey into the very heart of your Union-Jack-lovin’ imagination. Whether you’ve been there before, are there now, or are planning your epic summer or semester abroad there, England is anything but old news. It’s a long time favourite (<– cultural acclimation, CHECK!) of study abroad students, and why not?! Just LOOK at it!

Read on to incite your wanderlust and snag some quick study abroad in England tips:

Motion shot of buses passing by shops in London, England
Whiz past the many British sights from the seat of an infamous double decker bus

TIP #1: Ride the double decker and play up the tourist vibe à la Joey Tribbiani at least once during your study abroad program in England. Avoid being obnoxious, but embrace the silly, too.

Friends hiking in Keswick, England
Grab your new besties and conquer a mountain!

TIP #2: While the cities get all the fame and glory, don’t be afraid to venture to the rural areas and get your boots dirty. Did we mention the English countryside is second to none?!

Lawn of a university in England
It might not be Hogwarts, but your classrooms will look AWESOME.

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TIP #3: It’s easy to take your classes seriously when they’re held on epic, historic campuses. Keep the “study” in “study abroad” in mind as you daydream about your adventure.

Door stoop in England
Yes, your life will be surrounded by this much sophistication.

TIP #4: Side streets and alleyways behold stockpiles of delightful sights, oft-skipped by busybodies and hurriers. Off the beaten path is where the magic lies in England.

View of London, England
Ready to dawn your power skirt or tie and rock an internship, too?

TIP #5: Double your learning potential and try scoring an international internship while studying abroad in England. London buzzes with millions of young hopefuls; why wait to kickstart your career?

Windows in a garden in England
Find a secret garden to call your own.

TIP #6: Peak into the past as your eyes devour centuries-old churches and castles. Like a good cuppa, England is steeped in history, so appreciate the merging of old and new around you!

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View of Big Ben at dusk
“Second star to the right, and straight on til morning!”

TIP #7: Wake up early, lace up your gym shoes, and go for a morning run in your study abroad destination. Try it just once, but we guarantee you’ll get hooked.

Cup of English tea
Do Yorkshire, Clipper, or Twinings mean anything to you? They will.

TIP #8: Indulge in the local tradition of tea and biscuits. Trust us, you’ll be left wondering how you ever survived without those mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks in the first place.

People getting into a car
England is where bad shoe choices go to die.

TIP #9: Invest in a good pair of walking shoes for your study abroad experience in England; stylish boots, adorable sneakers, or slick oxfords could do the trick. Don’t sacrifice style for comfort (or vice versa) and you’ll be looking like a local in no time!

Sunset over the London Bridge

TIP #10: Just imagine all the photos you’ll take that will require #nofilter! Charge your cameras before you head out to ensure you capture every moment.

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