Interested in studying in Europe’s off-the-radar, far reaching corners, but don’t know an obscure language to match? If you’re a part of the adventurous bunch with your sights reaching past Western Europe and set on the overlooked nooks and crannies of the continent, you’ve still got plenty of study abroad programs to choose from. Opportunities to learn Hungarian or Croatian are pretty limited, and some universities in Europe totally get that, which is why they would rather offer classes in English to attract an international crowd.

There’s never been an easier time for English-speakers to navigate the linguistically different regions of world. We’ve wandered into uncharted territory to bring you five exotic English speaking universities in Europe in places that few Anglophones have ever thought to study.

1. Dubrovnik International University (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Dubrovnik Old City
At Dubrovnik International University, you’ll feel like you’re in a Game of Thrones episode rather than at school.

Dubrovnik International University (DIU), also known as Libertas International University, is located in the Dominican Monastery in the Old City district of Dubrovnik, a magnificently picturesque coastal city with red-tiled medieval buildings encircled by a stone wall. Just the sight alone is enough to make you feel like you’re in a movie set. And it was! Those with keen eyes will recognize the same stone walls from scenes at King’s Landing in Game of Thrones.

DIU offers internationally focused programs in theater, tourism, and management, and various business concentrations from the undergraduate to postdoctoral level. If you’re wondering how a whole university can fit into the top floor of a monastery, it’s because admission is restricted to no more than 100 students a year. Traveling outside of the Balkans may take a bit more legwork than if you were in Central Europe, but there are tons of close-by adventures speckled across the Dalmatian Coast to quench your thirst for more adventure.

Suggested program: Study at Dubrovnik International University for either a semester or a full year with API Study Abroad

2. University of Oslo (Oslo, Norway)

Oslo fjords
Imagine studying abroad under wide, blue skies in Norway’s capital city

Study almost any subject under the sun at the University of Oslo, while whizzing away on the weekends to the Norwegian fjords and craggy mountains. Apart from having been the site where the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for over 40 years, the University of Oslo is also one of the biggest and best universities in the Nordic Countries (it’s kind of a big deal!). As with other Nordic Countries, this constitutional monarchy does tend to lean toward the pricey side, but it’s nothing that a bit of budgeting and student discounts can’t handle. It’s also a part of the European Union, so traveling to other EU countries is a breeze. Just don’t forget to exchange your Norwegian kroner for Euros if you do go!

Suggested program: Learn more about studying in Europe at the University of Oslo with USAC.

3. Corvinus University of Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

Hungarian Parliament Building
Study at Corvinus University of Budapest in one of Eastern Europe’s largest cities

If you’re hungry for something more central, consider the Corvinus University of Budapest on the banks of the Danube River. Classes follow an American style of instruction, so students from the States won’t have to scramble to figure out an entirely new class format. Corvinus caters to a wide variety of majors, but has particularly strong programs in economics, management, and social sciences. Budapest has a fabulously low cost of living compared to other capital cities and a sizeable student population to boot. Interested in learning more yet?

Suggested program: We recommend checking out CIEE’s program at Corvinus!

4. American College of Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Balcony view in Thessaloniki
Kick back on your balcony after class in Thessaloniki while enjoying the crisp sea breeze

WHERE? It’s possible that you’ve never heard of this coastal co-capital of the former Byzantine Empire, but Thessaloniki is actually Greece’s second largest city! Surrounded by ancient architecture and history in every alleyway, the American College of Thessaloniki is one of the best universities in Europe and provides students with the opportunity to study in English with American-formatted classes. With a campus well within walking distance to most of the city’s amenities, you’ll find that you’ll be able to afford more in Greece compared to other European countries. Remember to keep an eye on the fluctuating exchange rate, though!

Suggested program: ISA has a fabulous program to get you studying in Europe, eating gyros, and basking on the Thessaloniki beaches in no time.

5. Reykjavik University (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Sitting on a mountain in Iceland
You can’t study abroad on Mars just yet, but Iceland’s landscape comes pretty close.

Don’t think we overlooked Europe’s ridiculously good-looking distant cousin. Sure, Iceland may be a bit off the beaten path, but that most certainly hasn’t slowed down this country’s popularity with tourists. From the Blue Lagoon to the Northern Lights, every inch of its unearthly landscape will leave you speechless. So, why stop by for just a few days when you could live in Iceland while studying abroad? Of our five suggested English speaking universities in Europe, this one is, strangely, the closest to home geographically, yet furthest from anything you’ve ever seen. Reykjavik University is Iceland’s largest private university and offers classes in both Icelandic and English. Living in Reykjavik gives you all the modern conveniences of a city, but just be aware that Iceland’s remote location lends to a fairly high cost of living.

Suggested program: If you dream of escaping the monotony of life by wearing wool sweaters and hiking lava fields, take a look at API’s program at Reykjavik University.

Looking to Uncover More English Universities in Europe?

There are tons of English speaking universities in Europe to choose from, but with all the hype whirling around the big named countries like England, France, or Spain, it takes a little bit of digging to get to the “other guys.” Once you’ve narrowed down a few of your dream countries, finding those (“exotic”) English universities in Europe will just be a few more clicks away. Even if you’re not a language major or culture buff, there’s still plenty of programs in English out there to help you live out your dreams of studying in Europe!

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