In January, Team GoAbroad marched messages of support and solidarity from friends and international educators to the capitol for the Women’s March on Washington as part of our International Educators United for Women campaign. Throughout our journey to Washington D.C., we also gathered messages of love and encouragement for potential international students — especially those who may feel uncertain about coming to study in the U.S. after the U.S. immigration ban (which has since been stayed by federal court order).

In these unpredictable times, we, as international educators, want to be clear: We stand with international students. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what American international educators want international students in the U.S. to know:

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Video Transcript

What messages do you want to send to international students coming to the U.S., considering it, or who are already here?

Dear International Students,

We’re here to support you. We’re educators and we’re interested in building bridges between people. The field is all about communication and understanding differences, and appreciating them and working together. You go out into the world and you see that everyone, at root, is the same. And, how do you bridge those gaps that might exist only because of geography.

So I really encourage them to take that ambassador role seriously and realize you have the ability to change people’s minds about what our country stands for. In international education the biggest thing is it opens one’s eyes to different ways of thinking, there isn’t a right or wrong there is different. America has always supported individualism and people who have different ideas and different ways of doing things. That we are diverse. That even though we do have our troubles, diversity is important to us and there are people here who think that. The future is global. There really isn’t a choice. So I think that while we’ve got this kind of  regressive president, I think that we have a responsibility to create the future that will exist four years from now. 


American International Educators
P.S. You’re Welcome Here

Thanks to all educators who contributed!

Stephanie Pund, University of Colorado Boulder
John Sunnygard, University of Colorado Denver
John Benander, Athena Study Abroad
Amy McMillan, IES Abroad
Stacy McKay Benander, Athena Study Abroad
Bruce Jones, International TEFL Academy
Danielle Salaz, University of Colorado – Boulder
Seth Carreiro, International Studies Abroad (ISA)
Emily Merson, Global Experiences

International students–You are warmly welcomed in the US

There are people who may have you believe that you are unwelcome as foreign students in the U.S., or that it is unsafe for you here, but we are here to support and protect you. We will all benefit from your presence and your willingness to share your life, culture, and experiences with us.

Find more educators rallying to welcome international students on the #YouAreWelcomeHere website.

Find programs for international students in the US on GoAbroad

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