Still looking for the perfect way to spend your summer? Lucky for you, GoAbroad has compiled our list of the top summer study abroad programs for 2020! From studying environmental sustainability in Iceland to engineering in the United Arab Emirates, any of the stellar summer study abroad programs below are sure to provide you with a summer that you will never forget! 

Here’s how to have the best summer ever

1. Syracuse University in Europe

Syracuse University offers summer programs all across the European continent. Ambitious students can learn about environmental sustainability in Iceland, theater in London, film production in Italy, and much more. Syracuse also offers multi-city traveling seminars during the summer term, for those wanderlusts who are hesitant to spend their whole summer in only one location.

2. Temple University Summer Programs

Temple University offers great summer study abroad programs located all over the world, for both undergraduate and graduate students. Highlights include studying French at the Sorbonne, West African Civilization in Ghana, or Asian Studies in Japan. Most summer programs last between four and ten weeks.

3. American University of Sharjah

Located in the United Arab Emirates, the city of Sharjah is commonly considered to be the cultural capital of the Arab world. The American University of Sharjah is a highly respected academic institution hosted among beautiful Islamic architecture and filled with a body of over 6,000 students from all over the world. Summer program participants will have the chance to live on campus for six weeks while enrolling in any class they wish, from an extensive course catalog.

4. Summer Courses in Africa – African Impact

Take your learning to the next level through experiential, service learning in Africa! With various courses, from gender equality to community development, African Impact provides students with an introduction to the African continent. Whether you want to explore Zambia, South Africa, or Tanzania during your summer break, African Impact has a program for you!

Big Ben, London, England

Big Ben in London, England

5. Bar-Ilan University

Spend your summer gaining in-depth insight into identity-based conflict resolution at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv. Students interested in politics and international peacekeeping can earn eleven academic credits through this four week summer program, and also undertake an internship with a local NGO. The university welcomes both undergraduate and graduate students of any academic discipline to participate in this special summer program.

6. University of Durham

ESL students can benefit greatly from the University of Durham’s summer program focused on attaining English fluency and improving academic writing. Classes are conducted in small groups, providing an environment where students can receive individual attention from world class educators. Students will also be able to enjoy regular social gatherings and outings to great attractions in and around Durham, England.

7. IES Abroad in Barcelona

This program allows students to study Spanish and explore the culture of Barcelona, one of the most fun and enriching cities in Europe. Students can choose between living in a homestay or an apartment with other IES students as they explore Barcelona and improve their Spanish fluency. Students will have the chance to earn six or seven academic credits during this seven week program, all while having a blast under the Mediterranean Sun.

8. CEA Global Education in Aix en Provence

Students can enroll in beginner, intermediate, or advanced French courses through CEA Global Education and explore the city of Aix-en-Provence for a full month. Participants will spend time both improving their language skills and soaking up French culture. Students will also be able to enjoy many summer festivals and cultural events in the surrounding Aix region during the program.

Lavender field in Aix-en-Provence, France

Lavender field in Aix-en-Provence, France

9. Uppsala International Summer School

If you’ve ever thought about learning Swedish, or are simply interested in the culture of Sweden, then the Uppsala International Summer School is for you. Students at any level of language proficiency can study abroad in Uppsala for two to seven weeks this summer. The program even features cultural excursions and field trips across the country too.

10. Dolomit – LABA Summer School 

How does a summer studying fine arts in the Italian Alps sound? Dolomit, in combination with the prestigious Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, offers students the opportunity to enroll in arts and humanities courses in the beautiful province of  Trentino situated on Lake Garda in Italy. Students can choose to enroll for three and a half weeks or seven weeks.

11. Technion – International Israel Institute of Technology

Israel is one of the leading countries for tech startups and innovation in the world, and Technion’s four week summer program is the perfect opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skill set in a stimulating environment. Students of business, engineering, computer science, and other related disciplines, will gain in-depth knowledge of the tech-entrepreneurial cycle through workshops, simulations, and competitions.

12. John Cabot University

John Cabot University provides students with over 130 English-taught course options in Rome, Italy. Students attending the summer institute can specifically choose from a wide selection of creative writing and international communications courses taught over two five-week sessions. While studying abroad at JCU, students can further enjoy their summer by immersing themselves in Italian culture and the magnificent city of Rome.

13. Forum-Nexus Study Abroad in Europe

Don’t want to commit to studying abroad in just one city? Forum Europe Summer 2020 program gives you the chance to study in eight cities over the course of just one month! Participants will travel with 60 other students from around the world, choose from a wide variety of courses taught by international professors, and soak in the sights of beautiful European cities, such as Paris, Geneva, and Rome.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

14. Accademia Riaci

Accademia Riaci gives students the flexibility to customize their summer study abroad experience in Italy. Students can choose their program length, from two and 12 weeks, and take their pick of courses from 18 unique options, including fashion design, glass art, shoe design, and Italian home cooking.

15. University of East Anglia International Summer School

The University of East Anglia’s International Summer School presents the opportunity to study alongside students from all over the world in the city of Norwich, England. International students will choose from a large catalogue of courses, ranging from creative writing to medieval history to international business, and enjoy regularly scheduled social activities with fellow summer school attendees.

16. College at Brockport in Mexico

The College at Brockport allows students to immerse themselves in the city of Cuernavaca, known as the “City of Eternal Spring” because of its natural beauty and near perfect climate, which participating in a Spanish language program at Universidad Internacional. This program is designed for Spanish learners of all levels and proficiencies. Participants will live in a safe environment, with a Mexican host family, and have the opportunity to join volunteer projects and complete internships as well.

BONUS: Scholarships for study abroad summer 2020

  • Boren STEM Summer Scholarships — up to $8000. Available for students pursuing any studies related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics abroad, regardless of destination or program.
  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships — up to $3000. Summer semester programs are eligible for $3000 in scholarship awards for underrepresented and low-income students to study abroad.
  • CEA Study Abroad Summer Scholarships — varies. Any participant of CEA study abroad programs should make haste to apply for special scholarships. Application deadline typically falls in early April.
  • Critical Language Scholarship — fully funded, baby! If you intend to intensively study a critical language abroad next summer, you can enjoy the fruits of free programming opportunities. Apply early for this competitive summer study abroad scholarship.

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