Nearly, every imaginable individual has been affected
by the adversary brought upon in the name of COVID-19. Especially those
students who are graduating in 2020 have been significantly affected. Although
the future may seem dim at this given time, it is important that students keep
a positive mindset and have a deterministic approach. It is important to not
lose faith and emerge victorious in the battle against the COVID-19.

International students who are currently or
considering pursuing education abroad are faced with concerns. Faced with a
task at hand, international students have thousands of questions running
through their minds. A significant part of these questions is related to jobs, internships, and visas.


The main reason a student decides to study abroad is
to benefit from the illustrious job opportunities and stay back possibilities
offered. However, due to the current scenario, there exists an air of
uncertainty. Some popular study destinations are ensuring that they still
present students with alluring job prospects. For instance, the USA is actively
seeking work from home student interns to drive its business activities.
Moreover, the Canadian government has taken an excellent step to incorporate
flexibility in the post-graduation work permit rules for international
students. Those students who are commencing their Fall 2020 courses online can
complete 50% of their program offshore. This will have no detrimental effects
on a student’s post-graduation permits. Furthermore, the 2 years stay back
opportunity offered by Ireland continues to remain intact.


Notably, popular study destinations such as Australia
and New Zealand have undertaken several steps to provide international students
with internship opportunities. Part-time health care workers in New Zealand are
permitted to work beyond the permitted 20 hours per week. Apart from this, even
those students working at supermarkets can put in the extra hours. It is
important to note, that this said phenomena will not have a negative impact on
the visa status of the students. Moreover, individuals are pushing for this
trend to continue in the future as well. Since a considerable number of
students have lost their jobs due to the on-going pandemic, the Australian
state government of Victoria is offering international students AU$1,100 to
support them through these tiring times. Not only this, but students can also
access their accumulated retirement savings to combat the pandemic.


Student looking to re-enter to study in USA need to
have the following document:

Valid I-20 with a valid travel signature

A valid passport that must be valid for 6
months beyond your expected return to the U.S.

Valid F-1 U.S. visa stamp

Proof of funding or financial evidence

Autumn 2020 class schedule showing courses

SEVIS I-901 Fee Receipt

The government is granting visas to those outside
Australia. This means, that when the borders are opened, those students with
visas will be able to travel. Post-study work visas for students who are
enrolled at universities in Australia will face relaxed entry requirements.
Meaning, current as well as new students who are studying online due to the
COVID-19, will have this duration counted towards their Australian Study
Requirement. Those graduates affected by travel restrictions can apply for a
Temporary Graduate Visa outside Australia. Students who held a student visa on
or after 1 February 2020 and couldn’t complete their course within the validity
due to COVID-19 will receive a waiver in the visa application fee.

October 20th onwards, those DLI’s that have an
approved COVID-19 plan, can welcome international students. Before students
decide to travel, they need to ensure that their institution’s plan was approved
prior to their travel plans.

Therefore, it is important for the students to
remember that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

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