For many students, making an application for a student
visa is one of the most challenging parts of the study abroad process. With the
visa services offered at Edwise, you won’t have to worry about the fine print,
since we take care of it all.

Here are 10 tips for your student visa process:

Check Visa Requirements

Each study abroad destination has its own
requirement thus first undertake research and understand what the requirements
are. These include the visa and immigration requirements.

Scores of English Language Tests

As part of the visa application process,
students are required to portray adequate English language proficiency and for
the same are expected to appear for certain examinations.

Check the validity of these scores and
ensure they remain authentic when making an application for the visa. These
tests include the likes of TOEFL or IELTS.


Make sure that your passport is up-to-date
when applying for a visa.

Some consulates require the passport to
have a stipulated number of bank pages, thus depending on the country under
consideration make sure that you adhere to the same.

Document Requirements

When making a student visa application,
there are a range of documents that a student needs to submit.

Since the visa process is quite gruesome,
ensure that you attach all the relevant documents failing to which you will be
required to go through the entire process again. Apart from the time, you will
spend on the same, you will also be required to spend more money.

Double-check the requirements to ensure
that you meet the same.

Making Payments

Students are charged a processing fee when
they make an application for a visa.

In most of the cases, the payment tends to
occur online, thus ensure you have the requisite means to address the

Early Applications

It is best not to leave your student visa
application to the eleventh hour, thus, as soon as you receive your acceptance
letter from the university, make an application for your student visa.

Translation Services

In some cases, the visa needs to be
translated and the relevant authorities usually offer these services
themselves. However, you will be required to make an appointment for the same,
thus ensure that you have time for these activities as well.


During your visa interview, ensure that
you carry along with you a copy of all your documents. In case of any
unforeseen circumstance, it is best to have a back up to fall onto.

Moreover, when you travel to your study
abroad destination, its best to take copies along with you as well.

Be up-to-date

Those students looking to study in USA
should bear in mind that they will be required to also appear for an interview.
Herein questions about your program, finances, family background will be asked.

Be relaxed

Stay confident and answer the questions
with ease. The interview is through which the authorities judge whether you’re
truly travelling for education purposes.

As study abroad consultants, we understand that the
process can be challenging for you. However, as long as you have all your
things in order you shouldn’t worry.

Get in touch with an Edwise counsellor today and
commence your visa application.

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