The USA presents an amazing opportunity for students,
who want to upgrade their existing skillsets with a strong focus on holistic
development. As compared to other study destinations, the US offers programs
that don’t burden students financially. Along with the tuition fees, there are
a number of scholarships available that further help students pursuing their
higher education in USA. Hence, the overall Study in USA cost is manageable and

While looking at Study in USA for Indian students,
there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration to choose the
university that is perfect for you. These factors will help narrow down your
choices for universities and their programs respectively.

1.       Accreditation:
An important factor that a student must take into consideration is the accreditation
awarded to a university. Accreditation ensures that the education provided
by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of education
quality. A large number of universities in the US are accredited to a certain
organization. Students of universities accredited are eligible to receive
federal student aid or other federal benefits.


Rankings are another important factor to be considered
as it shows the level at which the university is. Universities that rank best
usually have amazing facilities and academics that sets them apart, however, it
shouldn’t be the only factor to be considered while choosing a university.
Rankings are subjective to quality, a combination of statistics or surveys by
educators, scholars, students among others. In addition to rankings of
institutions, there are also rankings of specific academic programs,
departments, and schools. Rankings are conducted by magazines newspapers and in
some instances, by academic practitioners. There is no official ranking system
in the USA.

3.       Class size
Class size may seem trivial but it is integral to
the learning process. Smaller class size is in direct correlation with
personalized attention for each student by the faculty.  Larger classes are also very effective as discussions
and group activities are engaging and help build team building and teamwork
skills among the students.


A scholarship, especially for international students, is
very important. Scholarships help lighten the financial burden on students.
Different universities offer a variety of scholarships that have their
respective eligibility criteria and requirements to be fulfilled. For example,
scholarships are awarded to students with either great academic rigor or exceptional scores in study abroad tests. Students are advised to check the
same with their counselor or check the university website for more



Faculty consists of people who have years of experience
either in the field or as professors at a particular university. University
faculties are trained in the field and deliver the content of the course
flawlessly and enable students to engage in the coursework. Faculty members
conduct research as well and some are awarded many accolades based on their
work. The faculty members also act as mentors to students and guide them
academically and professionally. Faculties are a prime factor to consider while
choosing your ideal university.



Curriculum, in layman’s terms, is what a student studies
at a particular university. While degrees and qualifications may be similar,
often course curriculum differs from university to university. Students must
pay close attention to the same and select the university and course that
aligns with their professional goals and aspirations.


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