Now that you have embarked on the stupendous decision
of studying abroad, you must begin the process of getting your application in.
With the previous year being such an upheaval, students are paranoid about what
this year holds for them.

Don’t worry, for we have your back covered. Here are
the essentials for university applications in 2021.

Keep an open mind

Never restrict yourself to just one
university. While it is natural that you have a dream university, keep your
mind open and have backups to rely on.

As a study abroad consultants, we encourage
our students to apply to at least 3 universities.

Keep yourself reported

To understand whether you will be eligible
to study abroad undertake a comprehensive study of the entry requirements.

If you’re unsure about interpreting these
requirements, don’t worry you have our support and we will guide you through
the same.

Mode of making applications

For overseas education, the applications
tend to occur online through the university website or through a portal. These
portals often give students the opportunity to apply to multiple universities

We at Edwise, ensure that your application
is complete and includes all the relevant documents.

Attention to the fine print

For a student, it might get tedious to
apply to multiple universities through various platforms. Ensure that you
double-check all the components before forwarding the same to the university.

However, with support from overseas education consultants, Edwise we make the process seamless.

Statement of Purpose

·   Majority of the universities abroad
require a statement of purpose. It is a document that not only lists your
academic achievements but also shines a light on your entire profile, which
enables you to stand out from the pool of competition.

Ensure that you talk about why you wish to
study at the university, what you hope to gain through the program, and how will
you are a valuable addition to the same.

Official documents

If the documents need to be translated
into an official language of the country, let a competent authority look into
the same.

Make sure that you get all your
application documents in order before-hand. This saves you trouble at the
eleventh hour.

Applying to Universities in the UK

Students looking to study an undergraduate
program in the UK will be required to submit their application through UCAS.

Whilst those looking to study a the postgraduate program can make their application through the respective
university’s website or UK PASS.

Applying to Universities in Canada and
Universities in the USA

Start the research stage of the application process in advance and get all your documents in order before you
get your application in.

Applying to Universities in Australia

The Australian government looks to attract
international students and thus offers immense support.

The country has also set up the Australian
Qualification Framework which sets the standards for educational qualifications
and provides relevant insights.

Now that you are equipped with a few of the essentials
for university applications in 2021, you can kickstart your process with Edwise

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