To Bitboy crypto and related YouTube clickbaiters: f*ck you for toying with crypto beginners to make a quick buck.

I'll be honest, when I was a beginner, I believed all the wild claims and "must buy 100x moonshots", until I found this sub.

Now I look at all these videos and feel intense scorn for them. Especially bitboy crypto, who is making wild fucking claims like "btc drop to 17k", "cheapest altcoins to make you rich", "insane breakout to $300k". Thank god everyone in this sub says no one knows anything, I immediately got the message and massive FUD came in.

Literally, the two popular uploads in the same fucking page is "ETH to 0" and "Ethereum: Your Best Chance To Be A Millionaire in 2021".

I know this sub has been talking about this a ton, a few top page posts saying what an unreliable source these guys are. But this guy yet continues to be racking up millions of views for pump and dumps on shitcoins he promotes and makes a fortune from manipulating the market from it, and clickbait videos on the youtube platform, and still have people revere him like some kind of god; we have to keep regularly exposing this guy and other Youtubers and drive them out of business. We will win the fight.

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