Are You Not Entertained? Bitcoin Has Now Closed Above $50,000 for 27 Straight Days

Number of days above $50k

Finally guys, Bitcoin at $50k is starting to feel comfortable!

A few months back, we were celebrating the break above the former $20k all-time high. Fast forward to the present, Bitcoin has now stayed above $50k for 23 freaking days and yes, there's a very high chance we'll hit the 30-day mark or even more.

The first attempt to break over $50k didn't last longer than 6 days, and even the next one didn't last up to a day. But since March 7, we've stayed over $50k. Despite the wicked dip last week, the support held, and right now, we're closer to $60k than $50k.

The previous halving cycles didn't have the luxury of such large purchases by corporations and long holding periods by the majority of investors. It will be interesting to see how all of these play out, but I'm optimistic we'll at least see $70k BTC before this cycle ends.

Do you still remember when $100k Bitcoin was a pipe dream?

Well, I won't be surprised if it happens before the end of this cycle, and o boy, what an entertaining ride it has been!

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