My technical analysis on which AMA host will give you $7 if you ask them

Howdy y'all, crabrodeo here to talk about my recent strategy of asking AMA hosts if they will lend me $7

Here we have the Pixls NFT AMA

I do understand that gas fees are very high these days so I don't blame them


Now the 3commas AMA

Not even a reply, c'mon Yuriy help a crab out


This one is Brian from Coinbase

Their company is about to go public and they can't even take the time to help their customers out


Sorry for the lack of context, but this one is from METALPAY

Again, no reply, but I did get an NFT so that's neat


Finally we have Banano who did indeed give me $7

This has made me incredibly bullish on my 700 ban, which is now worth around $10. Banano is truly the best investment if you are planning on asking people for $7 on their AMA


Thank you all for taking the time to read through this, if anyone has similar trading strategies feel free to leave them in the comments.

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