An often overlooked but extremely important crypto narrative.

Its very easy to overlook the fact that bitcoin was created over 12 years ago. Ethereum nearly 6 years ago, and currently we are going through our second major bull run. There has been a lot of progress in this market and a lot of money enter the market but after 12 years this market is still extremely hard to navigate.

Its one thing to load your bank account onto coinbase and buy $50 worth of bitcoin, but its an entirely different world to take out a CDP through maker or sign a transaction with your ledger through metamask on uniswap. Just the other day I had to spend about 4 hours walking a competent career professional through the steps to get his tokens off an old binance account and rebalancing stuff that had been de-listed on most exchanges through uniswap. It was a very complicated and tedious process for me, and I would consider myself an expert at this. For him, he had thousands of dollars that he had no clue what to do with and needed help, and I was one of the only people he could find by going through mutual friends.

So this brings me to my point of this thread which is the overlooked or unspoken narrative which is the crypto user layer. For cryptocurrencies to become mainstream people are either going to have to learn all of this stuff, find something that bridges the gap, or be able to use cryptocurrencies without knowing they are actually using them. Its a tall order, but I think there are some solutions. I have used, celsius, galagames, etc and I think they are pretty good products and im sure theres a good chunk of them that im missing, but user focused crypto applications are crucial and a crypto has to have user layers if it wants to survive as anything other than a b2b tech tool or financial tool for whales and speculators.

One of the applications that does have my eye though more so than others is the brave browser. This is going to sound like a shill post and you can easily check my history, but hear me out on this for just a moment. While everyone has been aping into foodtokens and animalcoin rugpulls brave has silently been building away and is yet to have the spotlight. Unless you are actively following Brave/BAT you would not know that they have grown to 29 million users, have onboarded some of the worlds largest advertisers, and that they are expanding their product and feature suite. If you didn't catch any of that then you definitely missed what im about to show you which I think is a massive boon when it comes to creating a crypto user layer.

What you are looking at is an unbelievable amount of crypto applications all rolled into one neatly packaged and accessible product. Were you to get someone new to crypto started with a comparable product suite you would end up making their head spin, and potentially put them at a security risk via phishing attempts etc. Getting a new user started on brave gives them access to earning BAT at no cost to themselves, and a huge chunk of products featured in the picture I have posted. They have multiple fiat gateways, an exchange, the BAT rewards program, a decentralized exchange that will reduce fees if you own BAT and allow for easy swaps, a wallet that supports multiple crypto chains and the ability to send crypto p2p, a portfolio tracker, and an app store that allows you to easily discover some vetted crypto applications like compound, rarible, opensea, maker, etc etc.

So with all that being said, keep some of this in mind. Crypto needs a user layer, and I think brave has a pretty good shot at being one of the top applications towards making crypto a little bit more accessible. Being in crypto for nearly 6 years now I have seen a lot of wallets, exchanges, products come and go and brave is looking like it might be here to stay and thrive for a long time. Should brave keep growing at the rate its been growing I can easily see it becoming one of the leaders in crypto user onboarding that lifts all of our boats from defi,gaming,nfts etc etc.

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