The Greatest Guide on how to Open, Secure your Moons Vault and Reddit account in general.


Securing your Moon Vault and reddit account is super important if you have some Moons in it or plan to have some moons in the future.

Today ill show you how to Maximize Your Security in the Reddit platform.

Open And Secure The Vault:

  • Download Reddit Mobile App to open up your Vault, Subscribe to **This sub! (**some people couldn't find the Vault option without subscribing)
  • Click on your avatar(user) at the left top corner and click on vault

  • Back Up your Reddit Vault on reddit or Manually (I Prefer to back it up Manually)


  • Save your Recovery Phase just like you would save a crypto cold wallet

cable napkin is a great product tho

Back up On Reddit with a password

  • Set up a Strong Vault password !.

Great so now your Vault is secured, go hide the password\Pass for the Vault and DONT LOSE IT!

Secure Your Reddit Account:

  • Use Reddit Web via a computer to do that! (Didn't manage to find the settings via mobile)
  • Go to User Settings by click on your reddit avatar at the Right Top corner

  • Under Account Settings set a Strong And Unique Password, Secure your Email Address too (You can make a new one or turn on 2FA there)

  • Under Safety & Privacy scroll down to find " Use two-factor authentication" and turn it on

  • Set up two-factor authentication (I Love Google Authenticator)

  • Enter the 6 Digit code from the app and after that click on "backup codes"

  • Write down another Backup code for your reddit account!

That It!

I hope anyone reached to this point and managed to Secure his account more than before.

We are our Own Bank right now and we need to Secure it properly.

Hope you liked the Guide, DivineEu.

Extra Links for the rest of my guides:

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