US President Joe Biden speaks in front of both houses of Congress Wednesday evening (US time)

  • expected to begin around 9 pm ET (0100 GMT) 

Biden will address a joint session of Congress. 

He will outline his proposed American Families Plan

  • costed around US$1.8tn over 10 years
  • US$1.5bn of this expected to be funded by higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans

Spending will be focused on:

  • child care expenses
  • a national family and medical leave programme
  • kindergarten schooling
  • two years’ of taxpayer funded community college education

These measures are aimed partly at encouraging greater female participation in the work force and improving equality on other metrics also. 

There is also expected to be announced an extension of family tax credits.

Add this 1./tln plan to the already announced but still to be approved by Congress $2.3tn infrastructure plan (much of which is planned to be funded by higher corporate taxes.

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