We're the fastest growing sub on Reddit.

I was interested in this sub's growth, and lo and behold.


You can see it yourself. https://subredditstats.com/

I actually lurked this sub as a guest for a while ever since November, ever since I bought my first lump of bitcoin; when we were just a measly 1.1M members. I learned so much from you guys.

I only decided to come here a week ago, make an account, buy a membership, and be active in light of the mass adoption and media, especially come bitcoin and doge flashing in the news. Ever since November, it felt like 3 years has passed for me. Haha.

I guess it just feels this way in crypto, with its sheer pace of growth and volatility, and well this is the sub that tracks it; and here I get most of my information from. Turns out our member count grew just as fast.

I'm glad to be in this community now, and I hope you all have a good day.

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