The first Bitcoin cash animal feeder! Project by: Bitcoin cash animal rescue.

Hello community, I am happy to be here with you again.

As promised, today I am here showing you the result of the new activity made by my project: Bitcoin cash animal rescue.

This activity has been based on the creation and installation of the first "BCH animal feeder", an aid project for animals that in turn seeks the adoption of Bitcoin cash in my city.

For this first feeder for animals, I wanted to locate it in an area where many people and of course animals usually attend, so I decided on one of the best-known parks in my city.

The idea of using PVC pipes came thanks to a friend who saw how a boy in the United States made one of these feeders, which due to their shape, are easy to make and at the same time easy to transport and install in any area .

One pvc pipe contained the food, while the other contained water.

For those who have doubts about how the water does not spill when it is put in this way, what should be done is to fill the pipe in the opposite way to how it is placed, in this way the long part can be filled without leaving air inside.

Which allows that once it is turned over, it remains level and is filled every time the animal drinks from it.

But just as I promised in my last post, with this new activity I wanted to further promote the adoption of BCH, together with my project, so I decided to put a poster on this dining room which has 3 QR codes and a message in which I invite anyone who is interested in reading this poster, to be part of the Bitcoin cash community in a practical and simple way.

The first QR code being a download direct link to the wallet

The third QR code a direct link to a readcash post in which I explain and my project and part of what BCH represents.

And finally the second QR code, a small gift of $10 in BCH for the first person who will scan this code, encouraging people to have even more desire to know and be part of Bitcoin cash.

Once the feeder was installed, several stray dogs and also people with their pets approached it, thus generating a big smile on my part, seeing that this project is really causing a positive impact in my country and I hope one day in the world.

I want to thank the entire community for believing in me and supporting my project, really, without your help none of this would be possible.

I hope every day to grow and take this further with you.

For all those who want to help me continue doing this type of activity and thus achieve that Bitcoin cash animal rescue achieves incredible things, you can donate to the following address, which is the official wallet of the project.


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