May Update: Free Crypto, The importance and how to get it. From Coinbase Earn to Automation - I kept track of my free crypto and is now worth $651

In March I started keeping track of my free Crypto. This is any crypto that I haven't personally bought.

My methods:

Coinbase Earn:

You earn free crypto by watching a video explaining how a project works, and answer some questions about it, in return you receive between $1-$3 dollars for each one.

In July 2020 I did majority of the Coinbase earn rewards, this was roughly $32 at the time, and is now $209 of my free crypto. Which is down this past month significantly.


PoS (Proof of Stake) is the concept that a person can mine and or validate block transactions according to how many coins they have. So more coins you own = more mining power you have.

This is currently what I'm working on building up right now, for this month I traded a lot of my Algo and other staking coins and put it into ETH, and staked that.

Automated Rewards:

These are rewards that require none of my attention.

Mining – I Use the GamerHash, This just uses spare computing power from a Desktop I've had for years. And just bought / added a new miner today so plan on increasing this amount by double every month (approximately $2 USD a day).

Brave Rewards – I wrote a script that automates the BAT rewards I was averaging 1.040 BAT a day until the recent nerf'ing and received 10 bat for the entire month. Brave allows you to earn BAT just by browsing and seeing ads on their chromium browser, both on PC and mobile (I also earn Bing Rewards through this method as well)

Reddit Moons:

These don't need an introduction, earn by being active in this community.

Total: $651.07

Since last month my free crypto has gone up only 2.05% to which I’m actually impressed the value actually went up with the month we had even if it’s just 2%.

Coinbase Earn – 39.63%

Automated Rewards + 21.90%

Staking + 82.56%

Reddit + 14.10%

There are other great methods to getting free crypto which can be found in this great post here, but for me I'm trying to focus on ways that don't require any interaction outside my typical behavior like being on Reddit.

Edit: For those interested in my Brave Automation, I plan on releasing it on github here soon / next month.

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