• NYSE:GME gained 13.34% on Wednesday, amidst another day of meme stocks ruling Wall Street.
  • AMC surges by nearly 100% as the stock officially dethrones GameStop.
  • It wasn’t just AMC that rose on Wednesday as secondary meme stocks were brought along for the ride.

NYSE:GME may have officially seen its reign as the king of r/WallStreetBets come to an end, and even still, the stock sits at a staggering price after Wednesday’s session. Shares of GameStop added a further 13.34% to close the day at an unimaginable $282.24. The stock is up more than 53% over the past month, and yet its performance has paled in comparison to that of movie theater company AMC (NYSE:AMC). 

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Speaking of AMC, it seems like Redditors have found a new favorite meme stock as shares rose 95% on Wednesday to hit $62.55 at the closing bell. The latest coordinated short squeeze of AMC has seen hedge funds lose a reported $1.2 billion USD over the past week, in addition to the billions that were already lost during the first event in January. AMC has now surpassed GameStop’s market cap of $19 billion, and has shown no signs of slowing down. 

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Have we reached the top yet? It’s hard to say for sure, even as many retail investors call for lofty price targets of $100,000 per share. It wasn’t just AMC that skyrocketed on Wednesday though as other meme stocks joined in on the fun. BlackBerry (NYSE:BB) gained 31.92%, Koss (NASDAQ:KOSS) added 68.61%, Bed Bath and Beyond (NASDAQ:BBBY) rose by 62.11%, and Naked Brands (NASDAQ:NAKD) gained 28.96%. The FOMO has been real for investors who are piling into these heavily shorted stocks, and it may just be a matter of time until we see another crash for the broader markets. 

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