The US will donate millions of excess doses of Covid-19 vaccines from its stockpile to countries around the world in an attempt to help battle fresh outbreaks of the pandemic.

The Biden administration had previously promised to donate 80m doses, and on Thursday outlined how the first 25m of those would be allocated. South America, Africa, and south and south-east Asia will all receive millions of doses under the plans.

Joe Biden, the US president, said: “The United States will be the world’s arsenal of vaccines in our shared fight against this virus. In the days to come, as we draw on the experience of distributing the vaccine doses announced today, we will have more details to provide about how future doses will be shared.”

Under the administration’s plans, 19m vaccine doses will be distributed via the Covax programme backed by the World Health Organization.

About 6m of those will go to South and Central America, 7m to Asia and 5m to Africa. A further 6m will go to US neighbours and allies, including Mexico, Canada, and South Korea.

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