Kashkari to Reuters

Kashkari to Reuters
  • “Let’s be patient”
  • Balance sheet is in a good place and it’s fine to discuss taper
  • Notes that he’s in favor of ending the dot plot. Notes that it’s been too hawkish in the past
  • High inflation readings should be short lived
  • Maximum employment means ‘at minimum’ back to pre-pandemic levels
  • It may take longer than Sept to judge progress on labor supply
  • Still too soon to declare victory over covid-19
  • Benefits of trimming MBS QE first would be modest

Isn’t it poetic that they send out a hawk (Bullard) and a dove the day after the FOMC. They’ve done a good job of highlighting the extremes in the debate.

“As long as inflation expectations remain anchored… let’s be patient and let’s really achieve maximum employment,” he said.

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