The swing area between 1.3725 to 1.3733.

The GBPUSD has reached higher today after basing near the high of a swing area between 1.3640 and 1.36537 in the early Asian session, finding buyers and running higher. 

The pair’s rise  reached up to another swing area between 1.3725 and 1.3733. That area was a floor going back to the end of August to mid-September before breaking that floor and – for the most part – staying below (there was a brief move above on September 23).  

The swing area between 1.3725 to 1.3733.

There has been some selling that has taken the price back toward the 1.3700 natural support area. The low just reach 1.3698 (and currently trade at 1.3705).  More selling below the 1.3700 level would have traders targeting the swing high from Monday at 1.36738.  It would also take some of the steam out of the move higher so far seen today.
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